My Testimony

Hi there,

My name is Angelina and I want to share my story of how vital it is to have life insurance policies in place. 

My husband and I are provided with life insurance advice through our insurance broker Tony Walker for sixteen years now.

At the time my husband was a digger operator and we were expecting our third child. Because we were a one income family our financial status wasn’t in the greatest shape. We had no means of transportation besides borrowing my husband’s father’s car.  We contacted Tony and explained our situation our wants and needs. Tony came to our house which, not only made it easier but it was also much more comfortable and convenient for us.

He went through our options with us with patience and understanding. As I’m the sort of person that asks a million questions. So of course, we proceeded in getting our life insurance. Tony made the whole experience so easy, because let’s face it it’s not any easy task planning for your demise. 

Now jump forward twelve years my husband had worked his way up the ladder and had an amazing job opportunity to work as Logistics Adviser in Papua New Guinea. So of course, we then went back to Tony to re-evaluate our insurance policies.

Working in PNG is considered very dangerous. We wanted to be open and honest with Tony and our insurers as well. In this meeting Tony was absolutely wonderful.  He fought tooth and nail to get us the best cover possible. As you could probably imagine not many insurers would insure my husband given the location of his new job.

Now because we were in a much better place financially we also took out trauma plus cover. Again, if it wasn’t for Tony’s patience and understanding, explaining the difference between trauma cover and trauma plus cover, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today.

Now jump forward another year, 2016 was the absolutely worst year ever. My 39-year-old brother in law died of an aneurysm, one week later my father in law was diagnosed with incurable Cancer and a week after that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Besides immediate family being told, the first person we contacted was Tony.

Truthfully, I was freaking out, obviously not only with the diagnosis but the fact that just a year prior we had redone our life insurance policies. We had no idea what needed to be done or what we were entitled to.

He met us in Whangarei from Kerikeri to see how I was and to complete some documents. About a week later we got my trauma plus pay-out. This made it financially viable for my husband to stay home for four months or more looking after myself and our fourteen year old daughter. 

I honestly cannot imagine how things may have turned out without Tony’s advice. Throughout all these years Tony has been our rock and always remembered us and our three children. I think that’s what we liked and appreciated about him, we’re not just a number to him. He genuinely took the time to get to know us and it made it so much easier to work with him. He knows our needs and my wants.

I really do encourage anyone to listen to an adviser and consider these insurances. We all think it won’t happen to us, but I can assure you that it does, and when it happens we are so grateful to have the cover in place



Mrs Angelina

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